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Radio Frequency - Intransit Visibility (RF-ITV & RFID)

Connected Logistics operates and maintains the Joint Radio Frequency - Intransit Visibility system, its global network and suite of RFID technologies.  We provide global managed support of real time materiel and equipment tracking to enable better decisions by Warfighters and their Supply Chain Operators.

DLA Network Operations Support

Our System & Network Engineers plus Logisticians provide DLA Network Operations and Telecommunications Support including network upgrade design, implementation, support and sustainment; network engineering, information assurance (IA), certification and accreditation (C&A), hardware/software support, asset management, configuration management and life cycle sustainment for the largest logistics agency on the planet.

Energy Point of Sale Master Schedule

Connected Logistics developed the Master Plan for system development and integration of a new Energy Point of Sale set of capabilities to support Defense fuel management and retail operations.  By analyzing the project from client, vendor and technology perspectives, we developed a detailed integrated master schedule that enables accurate management of cost, schedule, performance, and risk for one of DLA's most complex and impactful operations. 

SATCOM for CSS & TeleHealth

Our System, Spectrum & Network Engineers, plus Logisticians provided System Engineering, Technical Assessements, Network Operations and Life Cycle sustainment for the largest commercial to military satcom program in DoD (3,350 remote terminals & 185,000 active daily users). Working closely with tactical users and teleport providers, we ensured supported systems achieved the highest readiness ratings of any tactical satellite system in the US Army while successfully transitioning it from commercial into military infrastructure. 

Logistics Interoperability Concept (LogIC) Demonstration

Connected Logistics developed the Master Plan, Integrating Concepts and Evaluation Criteria for Logistics Innovation Agency's LogIC demonstration conducted at Ft Dix as part of the Army's Network Integration Evaluation.  By demonstrating current technologies that simplify Soldier labor, secure Army data and speed supplies on the battlefield, LIA was able to shape the Army's investment strategy in proven logistics technology for the most recent POM.

Next Generation Tag Assessment

Connected Logistics Spectrum Engineers, Logisticians and Lean Six Sigma experts provided independent Technical and Functional assessments of peer-to-peer and Next Generation Wireless RFID tags for a Commercial Client.  We evaluated the demonstration techniologies and target business processes, developed a product improvement and value plan, and enabled the client to make entry into a major US retailer's supply chain.

Satellite Tagging for In-transit Visibility

Connected Logistics provided independent Technical and Functional assessements of commercial Satellite Tags for a Non-Government Organization.  Using our Utility Assessment methodologies developed for DoD, we analyzed the proposed techniologies and business processes, developed a detailed set of risk and reward scenarios, and enabled the client to select the most effective approach to instrumenting a variable support chain.

Yongsan Relocation Project (YRP)

Our system and network engineers developed the integrated master schedule and provided project management for the IT components of the Yongsan Relocation Project, the largest infrastructure move in Federal Government history.  This major project moved Eighth US Army stationed in Yongsan to Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek and positively impacted 42,000 soldiers and their families.

Army Enterprise Support Desk (AESD)

Our System, Network and Business Process Engineers developed the concept, acquisition strategy, processes, service agreements and operating measures / metrics for the Army's consildiation of 1,400+ service desks into a cohesive managed enterprise service that supprts over 500,000 users.  Taking the program from concept to Milestone D, we enabled the Army to focus its service desk offerings into a unified framework that works for all Commands, globally.

Power Projection Enabler (P2E) Integrated Master Schedule

As one of the most complex Integrated Master Schedules in the Army, Connected Logistics is enabling PM P2E to document and synchronize a dozen acquisition programs over 100,000 resource and process elements which describe the Army Processing Center and Afghan Mission Network missions. Starting from scratch, we built a highly detailed IMS that enabled the PM to place over $1B on contract in a synchronized and integrated process.

Army Sustainment Command (ASC) Distribution Management Center (DMC)

Connected Logistics and our teammates supported the establishment of the Army Materiel Command’s Distribution Management Center, who's mission is to get gear where forces need it. Our support operators assisted the Sustainment Command in time-critical materiel and distribution management, ensuring that billions in Army gear and supplies are ready and available for deploying forces.

DLA Office of Operations Research & Resource Analysis (DORRA)

Connected Logistics and our teammates assisted DLA in a wide variety of research areas that deliver process and system improvements across defense logistics.  We developed the DLA Reserve Augmentee tracking system and brought it into production, enabling DLA to track and manage its reserve component personnel. 

Logistics Common Operating Process (LCOP)

When faced with poor asset visibility leading up to the liberation of Iraq, Connected Logistics experts designed and integrated the Joint Common Operating Picture (COP) for sustainment and distribution in less than six weeks. This process fuses sustainment, asset, distribution and unit data into a GIS enabled Business Intelligence system which became the foundation of the BCS3 program of record and continues to support Joint Logistics around the globe.

OEF/OIF Business Network

Connected Logistics experts designed, resourced, delivered and managed seven physical and logical networks that enabled Joint forces to establish and operate during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. From zero forces on the ground to a fully matured Theater of Operations, our designs continue to sustain the force and are the technical enablers of our modernized and modular Army force.

RFID in Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan

When the Army has needed to track supplies and gear, Connected Logistics experts designed and managed the installation plus operation of the largest deployed Radio Frequency Identification networks in the world. Our expertise in distribution planning and asset visibility has delivered gear to our troops in every conflict for the past 20 years.

Wireless Networking Operational Evaluation

Connected Logistics assisted the PM for Defense Wide Transmission Systems in evaluating the security and business system impacts of the CAISI 2.0 wireless network which forms the largest deployable business network in the world. By implementing protocols and processes recommended by our team, Army users now connect without disruption in an appropriately secured network enclave that processes over $24B in Army business per year.

cveConnected Logistics is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Connected Logistics is fully committed to the concept and practice of equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.